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Our mission statement is:

  • Healdsburg Citizens for Sustainable Solutions (HCSS) is a growing group of citizens and voters.

  • HCSS is dedicated to retaining a genuine local community with historic small town character.  

  • Wine country tourism has been a financial success, but HCSS supports a future that promotes the development of a more diverse business economy, where city funding is less dependent on tourism dollars.

  • We are working to preserve and enhance open space, public parks, natural beauty and recreation.

  • HCSS supports the creation of affordable housing options for folks who live and work here.

  • We will continue to advocate for sustainable water resources and diversified local agriculture.

  • City growth management ordinances must effectively maintain these objectives.

Steering Committee: Warren Watkins, Denise Hunt, Merrilyn Joyce, Janis Grattan Watkins, Kate Wilson


HCSS is a group of concerned citizens and voters who:

  • Believe in our General Plan, which says:  

    • Preserve Healdsburg’s Small Town Charm

    • Balance Resident and Visitor Needs, and

    • Avoid over-concentration of single type of use, e. g. Tasting Rooms

  • Are stewards for responsible and necessary growth management policies

  • Advocate for diversified economic development