Citizen Comments

"Can't we calmly consider the wants and needs of all our residents?"
Joyce P.  May 15, 2014

"It was quick and easy to participate in the postcard survey.  Someone went to the trouble and expense to ask us how we felt."
Len T.  May 15, 2014

"My generation will be one of the last to grow up in a true, authentic Healdsburg"  "If one can't obtain basic services like affordable auto care, medical attention, groceries, and clothing within a small radius of home, how can one be expected to live in this area at all?"
Sam N. (student)  May 8, 2014

"If hotels are allowed to proliferate with unrestricted growth, there will be hundreds of places for wealthy tourists to sleep, while property prices for less fortunate locals will continue to skyrocket."
Sam N.   May 8, 2014

"Give credit to past and present city councils for hitting a home run for their role in generating volumes of tourism."
John V.    May 29, 2014

"It (Healdsburg) has become a one dimensional tourist town.  How about some moderation in the drive for tourism?"
John V.    May 29, 2014

"Why are you(the city) still spending money on generating more tourism when we feel se are already overrun with it?"
John V.   May 29, 2014

"Why aren't you(the city) trying to get some economic diversity by looking for growth in business segments other than tourism?
John V.  May 29. 2014

"It is refreshing to see HCSS's effort to gather actual data about the attitudes and opinions of our concerned and thoughtful population."
Roger H.  March 27, 2014

"What was the city council thinking when they discounted the postcard survey as not scientific.  Public opinion is not science- you were elected to listen to the citizens."
David S. May 1, 2014

". . some citizens might not be happy about growth that has been beneficial up to now but might not be so in the future."
John C.  May 1, 2014

"We want Healdsburg to maintain a community of people, not a community of businesses that support tourism."
Brigette M.  June 19, 2014