Our Issues

Healdsburg is a great place to live, and we’d all like to keep it that way. While development is not a bad thing, too much of the wrong kind can indeed be a bad thing.

As you can see on the map (click on the map to enlarge), 400+ total acres are currently either already approved for development, or are under development consideration. HCSS will be comparing planned developments with the goals of our General Plan so that all proposed development is the best thing for Healdsburg, and complies with our General Plan.

Central Healdsburg Ave. Plan: Potential huge changes on 80 acres at the South entrance to town over the next 20 years. The Plan sounds enticing, but replaces much of the existing Industrial zoning with 391,000 sq. ft. of office, institutional, and tourist-based uses. The Plan also adds 317 first and second home dwellings at that site.  

Downtown Area: This 30 acre area is under continued pressure for more hotels, tasting rooms, other tourist-based businesses, and local parking issues.

Saggio Hills: The approved 258 acre development at the North end of town will include 70 very large homes and a 130 room resort.

Northern Vacant Land: This 32 acres of vacant land is unplanned as yet, but there are ideas for housing, hotels and businesses.

Join Healdsburg Citizens for Sustainable Solutions in watching and acting to make sure that Healdsburg approves development that we all think will be beneficial for our town, and will preserve limited water supplies for existing residents and businesses.